Wellman and Wellington Company Limited services in the oil and Gas Industry cover a wide range which include but not limited to the following:

·  Pipeline integrity checks.
·  Pressure testing of lines and vessels.
·  Civil and Construction works.
·  Dewatering of lines by pigging
·  Pipeline  drying by methanol swabbing, dry air/nitrogen blowing
·  Vacuuming of lines and vessels
·  Commissioning Leak checks using nitrogen or nitrogen-helium mixture
·  Nitrogen purging and preservation of lines and vessels
·  Shrink fitting using liquid nitrogen
·  Chemical cleaning of lines and vessels
·  Caliper pig survey of lines.
·  Design, installation & maintenance of automatic fire fighting systems
·  Design, installation and maintenance of medical gas piping systems in laboratories
·  Design, installation and maintenance of on site nitrogen generation plants
·  Supply of industrial gases
.  Flow station revamping
.  Construction of flow lines and pipelines



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